How to operate the fully automatic wire winding and binding machine correctly?

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How to operate the winding machine correctly?

  Automatic winding machine This machine, the general compatibility of large and small wires is relatively strong, as small as USB cable to large power line, especially suitable for manufacturers with more types of wires. The speed can reach 2100 strips / hour, which is 5-6 times that of manual work. Small size does not take up place. The workbench is designed to facilitate workers to sit and work, which greatly reduces the fatigue intensity of employees and improves work efficiency. The machine adopts programmable controller (PLC) control, man-machine interface control. The cruise mode can be set, and the operation can be uninterrupted by pressing the switch once, eliminating the drawback of needing to press the switch once every time you operate. Easy maintenance and adjustment, accurate alarm and display of fault point when equipment failure.

First, the preparation before the winding cable tie machine is started?

Before the winding machine is turned on, carefully check whether there are any debris on the winding machine workbench, whether the screws on the winding machine are loose, whether the power switch is well connected, and whether the specifications of the enameled wire meet the requirements. Confirm that it is qualified to boot the system.


Second, the winding machine winding machine parameter setting?,

Turn the red button on the console in the direction pointed by the arrow, the winding machine is turned on and automatically reset, and the winding machine parameters should be set according to the production arrangement. Press the "Set" button on the microcomputer controller, according to the prompts on the screen, enter the "program number", "number of coils", "wire diameter", "number of winding turns", "pre-stop turns", "starting winding point", "winding width", "groove width", "stop angle", "winding direction" and other parameters, and finally press the "confirm" key to confirm, the machine stores data and automatically resets, and the parameter setting is completed. Then adjust the working mode of the winding machine on the left side of the microcomputer controller, set it to "back-end positioning", "standard cable", "automatic reset" in turn, and finally press the "standby" button, the machine automatically resets into automatic winding mode. Three? Empty run check? After the parameters of the winding machine are set, it cannot be wound immediately, and it must be confirmed that the settings of the winding machine fully meet the requirements before winding. First run the empty car again, pay attention to check whether the winding machine's cable, number of winding turns, reset mode, parking position, etc. meet the requirements, if it does not meet the requirements, the above steps must be repeated and readjusted until the requirements are met.

Fourth, online?

The enameled wire reel that meets the requirements is placed smoothly on the bracket, covered with a plastic sleeve and a barrel cover, and the wire is threaded out of the porcelain nozzle on the cylinder cover, and then through the wire nozzle, felt, wire wheel, movable wire frame, and finally led out from the copper wheel of the movable wire frame.

Fifth, winding?

Thread the wire frame of the upper terminal to the special positioning die of the winding machine, wrap the enameled wire on the bottom wire terminal, check whether the enameled wire has a wire wheel, if everything is normal, press the red "start" button to start winding. If there is an abnormal situation in the middle, immediately press the "Stop" button on the winding machine, stop the inspection, and after troubleshooting, press the "Start" button to continue winding.? Notes:?

1. The operator must pay attention to safety, after the machine starts, the hand can not be close to the rotating part, when it needs to be adjusted, it must be stopped first, and then adjusted, and after the adjustment is completed, it must be confirmed that the hand has left the dangerous area before it can be restarted.

2. The operator can not wear gloves when working, the sleeves should not be too long, and the female operator's hair should be tied up or tied up and placed in the safety helmet.

3. After winding the wire, check whether the bottom line and the face line are connected to the corresponding terminals; Whether the bottom line and face line are loose enough with the terminal terminal; Whether the face line is close to the line frame exit; whether the coil winding has a tapered shape; Whether there is any bump or indentation on the surface, after confirming that it is qualified, put the coil in the turnover box, and pay attention to the power terminal must not touch the surface of the coil when placing it. Once a box is full, mark the box to prevent confusion.

4. When the coil appears cone or the machine has abnormal sound, the operator should immediately stop and find equipment maintenance personnel for maintenance, can not make claims, so as not to cause waste of materials and damage to the machine.