What is the difference between fully automatic terminal machines and semi-automatic terminal machines?

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The difference between semi-automatic terminal machine and fully automatic terminal machine:

Features of automatic terminal machine: automatic terminal machine is an automatic machine that integrates wire feeding, cutting, peeling and terminaling. The automatic terminal machine was first developed and manufactured for Japan, and later brought back to China by Shenzhen Zhanxin Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. The operator only needs to give the server a message through the touch screen button, and this information is then transmitted to the motor, and the automatic terminal machine can complete all the actions such as wire feeding, cutting, peeling, and terminal punching in one second. As a humanized and intelligent high-end technology product, the automatic terminal machine is suitable for large, medium and small enterprises that need to use wiring harnesses, which can save a lot of labor and the efficiency is several times that of the semi-automatic terminal machine. At present, the