What is the rotary peeling and crimping machine for tubular pre insulated terminals, and what are its functions and advantages

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Tubular pre-insulated terminal rotary stripping crimping machine is an efficient, reliable and intelligent automatic wire processing equipment, which is mainly used in the processing of various types of tubular pre-insulated terminals. It adopts fully automatic assembly line operation, which can realize the integration of wire processing and connection, and can greatly improve the processing efficiency, reduce the material waste rate, and improve the quality and stability of wire processing through the automatic operation functions such as feeding, stripping, crimping, detection, shearing and taking of materials of the perfect tube type pre-insulated terminal. The machine also has the following features and benefits:

1. Precise cutting function

The tubular pre-insulated terminal rotary stripping crimping machine adopts high-precision cutting tools, which can achieve precise cutting on the outer skin of the tubular pre-insulated terminal, and can design different processing templates according to the different specifications and requirements of the tubular pre-insulated terminal, so that sufficient stability and accuracy can be ensured during operation. This greatly improves the efficiency and accuracy of wire processing, saving energy and time consumption.

2. Fast and accurate peeling function

The peeling work of this machine can be finely stripped through the rotating head and automatic cutting technology, and the peeling depth and stripping position can be adjusted according to the processing needs and the parameters of the processed wire, so as to achieve fast and accurate peeling operations. At the same time, the peeling speed of the machine is very fast, and it can even reach the extremely fast processing of dozens of strips per minute, which plays a very important role in saving and improving efficiency in the wire manufacturing process.

Third, perfect crimping function

The crimping function of the tube type pre-insulated terminal rotary stripping crimping machine adopts high-precision crimping joints and processing molds, which can complete the rotary stripping crimping operation according to the parameters set by the operator (size, shape and wire diameter, etc.) to ensure the quality and accuracy of crimping, and avoid waste and quality problems caused by unnecessary errors caused by human operation in the processing process.

Fourth, the degree of automation is high

The machine adopts advanced PLC program automatic control process and intelligent human-computer interaction interface, the difficulty of operation is low, and the tube type pre-insulated terminal can be processed automatically according to the preset operating procedure, which reduces manual intervention and cumbersome process, and improves the labor efficiency and quality of wire processing personnel.

In summary, the tubular pre-insulated terminal rotary stripping crimping machine has precise cutting, fast and accurate stripping and perfect crimping function; At the same time, its high degree of automation maximizes the efficiency and quality of wire processing, reduces production costs, and comprehensively improves the wire processing production process.