Copper strip machine

New copper strip machine

Long term distribution of H65 brass strip, the above products can be customized in various specifications according to customer requirements. This product has good toughness, special texture treatment, and strong tensile resistance after riveting, with stable quality. All factory products have SGS environmental protection reports and material certificates according to ROHS instructions. Meets the standards of a wide range of users. Copper strip is an alloy composed of copper and zinc. When the zinc content is less than 39%, zinc can dissolve in copper to form single-phase brass, which has good plasticity and is suitable for cold and hot pressure processing. When the zinc content is more than 39%, there is a single phase and b solid solution based on copper and zinc, called duplex brass. b makes the plasticity small and the tensile strength increases, which is only suitable for hot pressure processing. If the mass fraction of zinc continues to increase, the tensile strength decreases. The code of no use value is represented by "H+number". H represents brass, and number represents the mass fraction of copper. For example, H65 represents the copper content of 65%, Brass strip with a zinc content of 35%.
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