What is a fully automatic computer wire stripping machine

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Automatic wire stripping machine is a kind of mechanical equipment for wire processing, which can quickly complete the stripping work of wire in an automated way. Automatic wire stripping machine usually consists of several parts such as the fuselage, control system, transmission system and tool system.

The working principle of the automatic wire stripping machine is to use mechanical force and a tool system to separate the protective sheath or insulation layer of the wire and the outer layer of the wire. The automatic wire stripping machine can automatically adjust the clamping force, cutting thickness and stripping speed according to different wire sizes and types to ensure the stripping quality and efficiency of the wire.

The advantage of automatic wire stripping machine is that it can greatly improve the speed and efficiency of wire stripping, and reduce the time and labor intensity of manual operation. It can be applied to a variety of different materials of wire, such as copper, aluminum, cable wire, as well as multi-strand and single-stranded wires. In addition, automated operations improve machining accuracy and consistency, and reduce human error and damage, resulting in increased safety.

Therefore, automatic wire stripping machine is a very practical wire processing equipment, which is widely used in electronic manufacturing, automobile manufacturing, machinery manufacturing and many other fields.