How to repair the A-end fault of the fully automatic terminal machine?

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Since it comes to the A end, then there must be a B end, which usually corresponds to our automatic double-ended terminal machine, then it depends on what the A end does, whether it is a crimping terminal, or wearing a rubber shell, or tinning and other specific processes, in accordance with the specific process to locate specific problem details.


No matter what faults and problems belong to the terminal machine, the process must be done correctly, you can refer to the "Automatic Terminal Machine Maintenance Process and Precautions for Use". Of course, first analyze the cause of the problem, and find the internal cause according to the surface phenomenon, and the article "Terminal Machine Failure and Solution" is a summary of JMK in this regard.


In short, how to repair the A-end fault of the automatic terminal machine, first of all, we must continue to locate more detailed fault points according to the corresponding terminal machine brand and model, and further obtain relevant maintenance solutions according to the fault phenomenon!