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Gradually refine the wires. We know that short wires within 50 mm, which were previously considered difficult to process, were difficult to thin in those days. The production of computer wire cutting and peeling machine solves this problem, even when the total length is only 1mm, both ends can also be 0.3mm at the same time, and at the same time can be set respectively to feed the line, feed the knife, retract the knife, and then peel and peel the speed, for the isolation line can also be forced to peel to 99mm, excluding the previous isolation line can not be fully peeled and hurt the heart line This troubles the computer wire cutting machine can be solved. Today, I will introduce you to the types of computer wire cutting machines!

1. High-speed automatic wire cutting and stripping machine: an automatic wire cutting machine that cuts the wire size, peels at both ends, strips at single end and strips half at high speed.

2. ZX-220+T computer stripping machine: for electronic wire, silicone wire, iron and iron wire, glass fiber wire, isolation line, coaxial line, casing, etc., automatic cutting, peeling, half-peeling, intermediate peeling, twisting wire special functions; Wire specifications and dimensions can be changed instantly.

3. Multi-function automatic peeling and pressing machine: one machine multi-purpose, create high production capacity. Consumption is provincial, easy to adjust. High efficiency, strong rivet wire.

4. Automatic wire cutting machine: using special material design, good quality control, fast speed, large output, fair

The difference is small, the failure rate is low, power saving, and the automatic transmission device is equipped.

5. Second stripping machine: designed for the production of copper axis and round high-precision wire, using a combination of electricity and pneumatics, multi-action synchronous achievement.

6. Automatic wire supply machine: designed for wire cutting machine, using advanced frequency conversion motor transmission, low noise, power saving, few parts and easy maintenance.

The above types of computer wire cutting and peeling machines are more common types, and what kind of computer wire cutting machine to choose depends on your needs!