What are the methods and scope of application of the fully automatic tin dipping machine?

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To understand the scope of application of the automatic tin dipping machine and its tin dipping method. The first thing to figure out is what this machine does? What are the basic uses. Today, the editor of Zhanxin Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. will take a specific look with you.

Automatic tin dipping machine is a kind of wire processing equipment, which integrates automatic wire feeding, stripping, twisting, tin immersion and other functions, and can complete various actions at one time. Machines that are truly automated. The wire cut is flat with an automatic tin dipping machine. Uniform tin immersion for easy penetration of circuit boards. It is selected according to different production needs.

The tin dipping machine can be divided into: automatic double-head tin dipping machine, single-head twisted wire end dipping machine, automatic parallel end tin dipping machine, automatic single-head tin dipping stranding machine, automatic double-head tin dipping stranding machine, automatic tin dipping rubber shell machine (single and double head tin dipping rubber shell), automatic line distribution line tin dipping rubber shell machine, cable end dipping tin and rubber shell machine, etc.

Scope of application:

1. The production batch is relatively large and has many specifications. Generally, it is mainly based on direct plug-ins. One machine can be universal, no need to adjust the machine, compared with wave soldering efficiency is comparable, but the cost is greatly reduced, and the quality can be guaranteed.

2. As a manufacturer of instruments and equipment, there are many PCB specifications, but the number is very small, and manual tin immersion requires high proficiency of employees. Wave soldering costs are high. So choose an automatic tin immersion furnace.

3. For some relatively large plates, it will be deformed during the tin immersion process. We have special fixtures that can prevent deformation.

Solder dipping machine method:

Simply place the substrate of the best flux on the needle holder and press the start switch once. It is possible to weld multiple pieces of various substrates at once. The tin entry time from the oblique angle of the substrate and the angle of tin out of the substrate are controlled by the microcomputer. Fully simulate the principle of manual soldering and the principle of wave soldering machine. It is more than 5 times the speed of labor. Stable quality. It can also improve production efficiency.