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Hexagonal mold free hydraulic press WZ-Y150

1. The machine adopts electronic positioning to adjust the crimping Pressure altitude, and the crimping height of processing data can be directly adjusted on the screen, which is accurate and efficient
2. It can be assembled with hexagonal molds, open terminal molds, etc
3.16-150 square meter crimping does not require mold replacement, and is universal for one machine. It can pre store commonly used processing data with just one click on the screen to switch
4. All machines are pre stored with processing data of 16-150 square meters before leaving the factory, which can be adjusted according to actual needs



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Hexagonal mold free hydraulic press WZ-Y150

Effect show

Product name Hexagonal die-changing hydraulic press
Device model WZ-Y150
Form factor L1000*W630*H1 750mm
Total weight 300KG
Enter the power supply AC220V/50Hz
Working air pressure 0.5-0.8MPa (dry clean compressed air)
Suitable for molds Hexagonal die, open hexagonal die
Tool width 12-16-20mm (can be customized on request)
Crimping output 20T
Operating power 200W
Crimping range 1 6-150mm
Crimping accuracy 0.03mm
How it is displayed 7 inch color touch screen, Chinese and English
Store data 12 groups

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