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Multifunctional servo terminal machine WZ-5120

Terminals of different sizes are free of mold replacement, using variable frequency servo technology and electronic positioning, without the need for tool replacement. The size of the crimping blade can be changed instantly, with high accuracy. 30 sets of data can be archived for easy and quick adjustment. Compact structure, space saving, and low working voice. Using touch screen CNC to adjust the size of crimping, facilitating debugging and data recording.



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Multifunctional servo terminal machine WZ-5120

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Product name Multi-function servo terminal machine WZ-5120
Processing range 6-120 sq. ft
How it is displayed 7 inch touch screen
Weight 185KG
Power supply AC220V 50/60Hz
Maximum pressure 15T
Rated power 3.8KW
Suitable for molds Hexagon/Quadrilateral/Quad/OTP
Device accuracy 0.01mm
Size 630mm*500mm*1300mm
Function Realize punching, blanking, bending, press-in molding, riveting and other functions, and the pressure can be set through the display
Features Different size terminals without changing molds, using frequency conversion servo technology, electronic positioning, no need to change the tool, instantly change the size of the crimping knife edge, high accuracy, 30 sets of data archiving convenient and quick adjustment. Compact structure, space-saving, small working voice. Touch screen numerical control is used to adjust the size of the crimp, which is convenient for debugging and data recording.

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