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Stripping and bending integrated machine

External dimension: 420mm long × 297mm high × 345mm wide; Weight: 31KG; Display method: 240 × 128 blue screen LCD display; Power supply: AC175V-250 ≤ 50/60HZ;



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Stripping and bending integrated machine

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project parameter
Model number WZ-806Z
Power supply AC175V-250≤50/60HZ
Body size It is 420mm long× 297mm high × 345mm wide
Body weight 31kg
How it is displayed 240×128 blue screen LCD display
Power 130W----200W
Cut length 0.1mm---99999.9mm
Peel your head 0.1-100mm
Number of bends 13 times
Bend length The last bend is larger than 18mm
Bending method Clockwise, counterclockwise, bending degree adjustable, 30 degrees, 45 degrees, 60 degrees, 90 degrees. The same wire can be folded at the same time in two bends
Cut the core 0.1-6(m㎡)
Cut-off tolerance 0.002×Lmm*L
Catheter diameter 3mm、5mm
Tool material Imported high speed steel
Drive mode Two rounds
Hourly curves 400-1000 articles


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