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Vibration disk loose particle terminal machine

Automatic wire stripping, automatic wire clamping, automatic wire management, automatic positioning, automatic pressing, and discharge can be completed in one go. Computer numerical control is also used for automatic completion, with simple operation, fast speed, high accuracy, and stable performance
Whether there is wire detection, wire knot detection, terminal pressing detection, air pressure detection, and automatic alarm for abnormalities



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Vibration disk loose particle terminal machine

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Product name Semi-automatic vibrating plate terminal machine
Applicable terminals Single grain terminal
Form factor 50*800*1200(mm)
Use a power source AC 220V/50Hz
weight 140KG
Power consumption Motor: 250W LED terminal machine light: 220V 1w vibrating plate: 120W
Pressing capacity 20Kn
Slider travel 35mm(40mm)
Number of presses 120 times/min
Closed height 26mm
Closing height adjustment amount 10mm

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