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Fully automatic computer wire stripping machine WZ-808

Cut the wire to a fixed size, peel both ends, peel multiple sections in the middle, automatically enter and exit the wire, start at a fixed time, adjust by jogging, and stop the machine wirelessly or knotting automatically



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Fully automatic computer wire stripping machine WZ-808

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Product name Automatic computer stripping machine WZ-808
Processing range 0.1-2.5 square, 0.1-6 square
Drive mode four-wheel drive
Cutting speed 5000-12000 strips/hour
Stripping length Head 0.1-30mm Tail 0.1-20mm
Cut length 0.1-9999mm
Weight 28KG
Power supply AC220V 50/60Hz
Number of medium stripping segments 13 paragraphs
Tool material Tungsten steel/imported high speed steel
Form factor 420*345*297mm
Function The wire is cut at a fixed size, peeled at both ends, peeled in the middle of multiple sections, automatic wire in, out, timing start, jogging adjustment, wireless or knotted automatic shutdown
Detection device There is no wire detection, whether the wire is knotted detection

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