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Double head tin dipping terminal machine

Detection functions: end detection, missing wire detection, wire tying, paper receiving detection, and air pressure detection
Auxiliary device: Horizontal terminal leakage/waste solder collection/waste tin slag collection/waste rubber collection



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Double head tin dipping terminal machine

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Product name Automatic double head tin dipped end press
Weight 480kg
Exterior dimensions Length 1750* width 1220 height 15m
Floor space 4 square
Power 3000W
Power supply AC220/50Hz
Air pressure 04MPa 08MPa air source drying
Display Touchscreen LCD display
Suitable for wire Electronic wire, high temperature wire, Teflon wire, etc
Function Multi-line double dip + rear pressure end
Dip capacity Duration: 1100-1300 times x number of articles
Double dip capacity According to the length of 100mm, about 1100-1300 times per hour, 6000-12000 strips/hour
Cut length Double dip 40-830mm, dip 40-830mm (extended can be customized)
Stripping length The knife distance between the front and rear of the labeling machine is 12m, and the rubber peeling capacity is 9m
Suitable wire diameter Marker 2: 18# line
Solder length Within 11mm
Twisted wire length Labeling machine 2mm 10mm
Twisted wire method Motor twisting method
Rotation method Servo screw guides
Take-up mode Rotate the pay-off
Transmission structure Lead screws, guides, timing wheel belts
Detection capabilities End-up detection, missing wire detection, wire knotting, paper receiving detection, air pressure detection
Assistive devices Straight terminal leakage/waste flux/solder slag/rubber skin

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