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Fully automatic heat shrink sleeve printing terminal machine

1. The equipment mainly adopts original components from Taiwanese and Japanese brands, completing functions such as cutting wires, peeling, and terminal pressing, with precise movements and stable performance
2. The host is equipped with a four wheel synchronous wire feeder to maintain constant wire tension; Equipped with automatic terminal cutting strip device
3. Host motion control card control, Chinese and English touch screen parameter settings, short adjustment time, and easy operation
4. Suitable for horizontal and direct OTP terminal molds
5. Energy saving, space saving, and environmentally friendly equipment



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Fully automatic heat shrink sleeve printing terminal machine

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Product name Fully automatic double head single wear single baking number tube machine
Function Wire cut, single end peeling, both ends peeling, both ends pressed, two ends pressed and put on the baked casing; The stripping length/pressing position/knife depth can be adjusted by setting
Processing wires #22~#14 AWG
Processing capacity The length of the cable is about 80 pieces / hour 100-1600mm, and the special wire (ultra-fine flexible wire) is about 1400 pieces / hour
Cutting accuracy Wire length 100mm or less Error 0.2+ (line length x 0.002) Line length 100mm or more Error 0.5+ (line length x 0.002)
Processing length Rubber skin left in the middle 86mm~99999mm
Stripping length Front 0.5~8.0mm Rear 0.1~10.0mm
Knife depth The maximum adjustment amount is 5.50mm, and the resolution is 0.01mm
Detection device Low air pressure Whether the wire is abnormal Abnormal pressure Abnormal incoming wire
Power supply Single phase AC200V~242V 50/60Hz 10A
pressurized air 0.5 MPa (5kgf/cm2) clean dry gas
Mechanical dimensions W 800 *D1400*H1800 mm
Mechanical weight APPROX. 500KG

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