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New energy large square heat shrink tubing machine

1. The baking device adopts a screw module transmission component combined with a closed-loop motor to achieve high-precision positioning baking, and its baking position can be adjusted digitally
2. The baking method uses double heating tubes to bake up and down, which not only has high work efficiency but also makes the baking more uniform
3. Digital temperature control and abnormal monitoring of heating devices. The pneumatic bottom heating device automatically protects and extends its service life
4. Prevent operator parameter adjustment errors and restore the system with one click



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New energy large square heat shrink tubing machine

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Product name Tai square heat shrinkable sleeve machine
Device size 950*750*1050MM
weight 140KG
Device power 2.35KW
Scope of application 7.0/16.0 flat heat shrink tubing
Device voltage 220V/110V
Product yield 300-1000PCS
Power supply frequency 50/60Hz

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