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Platform type nylon strapping machine



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Platform type nylon strapping machine

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Product name Platform type nylon cable tie machine
Cable ties apply Flat-ended cable ties
Cable tie length 60/80/100/120
Supply voltage AC220V
Control mode PLC+ touch screen
Feeding method The vibrating plate is automatically fed
Air pressure ≧2KG (can be dispensed with)
Cable tie tightness The touch screen is adjustable
Tail length The touch screen is adjustable
Scrap recycling Blanking type
Strapping diameter 1-20 mm (depending on the product)
Rated power 300W
Form factor Length 1230* width 550* height 800mm
Production 1500-1800 strips/hour (depending on the product)
Consumables Blades, pulling gears
Total weight APPROX. 150KG

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