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Automatic wire winding and binding machine

Body size: 1050 * 800 * 1600mm
Body weight: 210kg
Applicable wire diameter: ≤ Φ 6.2mm
Binding diameter: ≤ 40mm
Production speed: ≤ 1500PCS/H (calculated based on 1 meter of wire length for 3 turns with head and tail reserved)



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Automatic wire winding and binding machine

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产品名称 自动绕线扎线机
Body size 1050*800*1600mm
Body weight 210kg
Suitable wire diameter ≤Φ6.2mm
Tied to diameter ≤40mm
Production speed ≤ 1500PCS/H (based on the length of the line 1 meter, around 3 turns, leaving the head and tail)
Short distance of line posts 70-200mm
Leave a long range Head length 0-130 mm, tail length ≥0 mm
Cable ties apply Rubber-coated core≤ 7.5KG/roll
Applicable air pressure  0.5—0.65Mpa
Power 2500W
Power supply AC220V50/60HZ
Detection device  

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