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Fully automatic computer wiring and branching machine

Cut the wire to a fixed size, peel off both ends, peel off multiple sections in the middle, automatically enter and exit the wire, start at a fixed time, adjust with a jog, and automatically stop without wires or knots
Is there any wire detection or wire knot detection



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Fully automatic computer wiring and branching machine

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Product name Automatic computer cable distribution machine
How it is displayed 4.3 inch LCD display, Chinese/English switch
Control system Single-chip self-developed motion control board
Drive mode Six-wheel drive
Length * width * height 560mm*450mm*370mm
Stripping length Stripping head 0.1-30mm, stripping tail 0.1-30mm
Cutting range 2p-12p
Planting length 0.1-99999.9mm
Store data 100 groups
Stripping accuracy Silent hybrid stepper motor 0.01mm
Capacity 100-1500/hr
Power 880W
Weight 42kg
Function The wire is cut at a fixed size, peeled at both ends, peeled in the middle of multiple sections, automatic wire in, out, timing start, jogging adjustment, wireless or knotted automatic shutdown
Additional devices Automatic wire feeding frame, wire clamp, long-line conveyor belt
Detection device There is no wire detection, whether the wire is knotted detection

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