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Super silent peeling and end punching machine

Wire peeling, terminal crimping, and pressure can be set through the display screen
Continuous stripping and punching can be completed in one go, with fast speed, high accuracy, low noise, compact structure, no space occupation, durability, long-term maintenance free



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Super silent peeling and end punching machine

Effect show

Product name Ultra-quiet peeling and leveling machine
Processing range 0.1-4 square
How it is displayed Digital display
Weight 80KG
Power supply AC220V 50/60Hz
Maximum pressure 2T
Rated power 0.75KW
Suitable for molds OTP
Device accuracy 0.03mm
Function The wires are stripped, the terminals are crimped, and the pressure can be set via the display
Product advantages Even stripping belt is completed once, fast speed, high precision, low noise, compact structure, does not occupy space, durable and maintenance-free.

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