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Sheath wire inner and outer stripping machine (pulley)

Model: WZ-908A
Cutting wire diameter: 3-10mm
Cutting wire core: 2-8 cores
Cutting length: 0.1-99999.9mm
Outer skin length: stripping head 0.1-250mm, stripping tail 0.1-70mm



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Sheath wire inner and outer stripping machine (pulley)

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Product name Sheath line inside and outside stripping machine (pulley)
Model number WZ-908A
Cut wire diameter 3-10mm
Cut wire core 2 cores - 8 cores
Cut length 0.1-99999.9mm
Outer skin length Peeling head 0.1-250mm, stripping tail 0.1-70mm
Core length Stripping head 0.1-15mm, stripping tail 0.1-15mm
Capacity 1100 (line length 500mm)
Blade material Imported tungsten steel/high speed steel
Stripping accuracy Silent hybrid stepper motor 0.01mm
Number of medium stripping segments Customizable
Power supply AC220V-50/60HZ
Body size 650mm*580mm*460mm
Body weight 80kg
Program storage Serial number 00-99 (one-click copy, one-click read, customizable number name)
Wire feeding method 12-wheel belt feeding (enhanced friction, high precision, no indentation of the wire)
Transmission structure Hybrid stepper motor, precision ball screw, linear guide
Notes feature Automatic in/out line, timing start, jog adjustment, one-key length correction
Device capabilities Wire cut, both ends sheathed peeling, both ends of the core wire stripping, automatic take-up
Additional devices Automatic wire feeding frame, long line conveyor belt

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