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Online coding and heat shrinking automatic all-in-one machine

Automatic printing of heat shrink tube labels, achieving printing of different labels on multi-core wires, automatic feeding and cutting of heat shrink tubes, and free setting of baking length with fixtures.



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Online coding and heat shrinking automatic all-in-one machine

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Product name Heat shrinkable tube automatic casing machine
Scope of application Heat shrink tubing
Supply voltage AC220V 50/60HZ
Rated power 600W
Product weight 50KG
Dimensions 500*750*1300(mm)
Product features Automatically print heat shrinkable tube labels, realize multi-core different label printing, heat shrinkable sleeve automatic feeding and cutting, and freely set the baking length with the fixture.
Product features 1. All series are equipped with manipulator automatic wire taking device as standard (standard wire selection and use, excluding special wire automatic wire taking)
2. The printer adopts thermal transfer printing technology, the printing font is clear, waterproof and oilproof, its printing accuracy is 300dpi and comes with memory function.
3. The printing consumables are integrated ribbon snap-on installation, easy to install and operate, and provide a variety of printing colors (black, white, red) to choose from, to meet more process requirements.
4. Digital adjustment temperature control, as well as abnormal monitoring of heating devices. The air pressure bottom heating device is automatically protected to prolong the service life.
5. Prevent the operator from adjusting the process parameters wrongly, and the system is restored with one button.

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