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Fully automatic double head twisted wire tin dipping machine

Fully automatic wire cutting, single end and double end peeling, single end and double end tin coating, single end and double end twisting, automatic wire splitting for single end and double end wiring, automatic receiving of terminal waste paper, cutting of terminal waste, and automatic alarm for abnormalities.



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Fully automatic double head twisted wire tin dipping machine

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Product name Automatic double head twisted wire dipping machine
Processing range AWG18-32 #
How it is displayed Color LCD touch screen
Mode of operation Automatic run + manual run
Cut length 30-700mm (special according to requirements)
Stripping length 0-10mm
Twisted wire length 3-10mm
Weight 400KG
Power supply AC220V 50/60Hz
Product size 1210*700*1370mm
Rated power 2.5KW
Device accuracy 0.01mm
Suitable for molds OTP
Cutting speed 2000-4000 strips/hour (single length length within 100mm)
Function Automatic wire cutting, single head, double head peeling, single head, double head tin, single head, double end twisted wire, cable single end, double head automatic wire distribution and other functions, automatic receiving terminal waste paper, cutting off terminal waste, abnormal automatic alarm.
Detection device 1. Whether the terminal is there 2. Whether the wire is there or not 3. Crimping test 4. Air pressure detection

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