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Fully automatic new energy tracked wire stripping machine B16

This machine is designed for cutting and peeling wire harnesses in industries such as new energy vehicles, power sets, and cable cables. It adopts a 12 wheel tracked wire feeding system to enhance the friction of the conveying wire and ensure the accuracy of the cutting length and stripping head. It adopts a bidirectional screw pressing wheel to ensure the accuracy of the wire size and the center of the cutting edge, ensuring that the stripping edge is flat and does not scratch the core wire. Full computer CNC debugging is carried out to ensure the length of the wire The depth of the cutting blade, the length of the peeling edge, and the compression of the wire are all completed through a full touch screen digital operation, which is simple and easy to understand.



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Fully automatic new energy tracked wire stripping machine B16

Effect show

The name of the device Automatic computerized wire stripping machine Cut the core 0.5 sq. m
Device model WZ-B16 Cutting wire diameter 2-10mm
The weight of the whole machine 65kg Catheter diameter 4/6/8/10
Dimensions L650mm*W570mm*H455mm Detection function Missing line detection
Enter the power supply AC220V/50Hz Catheter swinging Pneumatic
The power of the whole machine 1.4KW Tangent length 0.01-999999.99mm
Rated power 0.8KW Stripping length 0.01-200mm
How it is displayed 7-inch touchscreen display Stripping length 0.01-70mm
Control system 6-axis motion control board Pressure regulation Bi-directional (computer-adjusted pressure)
Device features Wire cutting and stripping at both ends Blade material Tungsten steel/Swedish high speed steel
Wire feeding method 12-wheel crawler feed Operating air pressure 0.5-0.8MPa
Transmission structure Hybrid stepper motor, precision two-way screw, linear guide pillar Feed speed 40-50 m/min
Program storage No. 0-99 (one-build copy, one-click reading, customizable number name) Capacity/hour 1500-3000 pieces/hour

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