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Cast iron servo terminal machine 3T

1. Chinese and English LCD display screen, height adjustment touch screen debugging; 2. Automatically detect the height of the stroke from the upper tool to the lower tool; 3. Precision mode: Set the product crimping height and operate based on the product crimping thickness; 4. Percentage mode: Conduct crimping by setting the pressure, and operate based on the pressure level of the product; 5. Multi terminal mode: suitable for CABLE or single group multi wire diameter products. Different crimping heights can be set according to the wire diameter, and crimping can be done in sequence (a maximum of 10 heights can be set for a single group); 6. Detection function: Detect overlapping crimping and air compression (the upper and lower limits of the alarm can be determined based on the product settings, and the crimping height or crimping force can be selected; 7. Work order storage: It can store crimping parameters and directly retrieve and use them without changing the terminal part number; 8. Two stage crimping: A single crimping cycle can be divided into two/four stages to complete (two downstream stages/two original stages), and the movement speed and boundary point of each stage can be set according to demand; 9. Compact structure, space saving, and low working voice; 10. Pressure sensors, computers, scan guns, and connection to the MAS system are optional.



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Cast iron servo terminal machine 3T

Effect show

Product model Crimping ability Motor power power supply Crimp method function Applicable molds
Terminal machine 2T 2 tons 1KW 220V Servo drive, man-machine touch screen, foot pedal Multi-segment crimping, terminal parameters, terminal detection, height detection, multi-terminal crimping, data logging and storage, load monitoring OTP, hexagon, quadrilateral, B-shaped, etc
Terminal machine 3T 3 tons 1.5KW 220V
Terminal machine 4T 4 tons 1.5KW 220V
Terminal machine 6T 6 tons 2.6KW 220V

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