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Fully automatic new energy tracked wire stripping machine 908C

1. This machine is equipped with multi-core circular sheathed wires such as power plug wires, lamp rubber sheathed wires, sensing sheathed wires, data wires, shielded braided sheathed wires, etc., with total length cutting, outer layer peeling at both ends, and inner core wire peeling, greatly improving production capacity< Br> 2. Design and develop pneumatic clamps to smooth and peel the core wire< Br> 3. Design a front and back integrated blade, with a round blade peeling the outer layer and a flat/toothed blade peeling the inner layer< Br> 4. This machine comes with a wire picking robot and a 700mm long conveyor belt, replacing the hassle of manual wire handling< Br> 5. Adopting a 12 wheel tracked wire feeding system, the friction force of the conveying wire is enhanced, and the surface of the wire is free of indentation, ensuring the accuracy of the cutting length and the stripping head. The use of a bidirectional screw pressing wheel ensures the accuracy of the wire size and the center of the cutting edge, ensuring that the stripping edge is flat and does not scratch the core wire. Full computer CNC debugging is carried out, and the wire length, cutting depth, stripping length, and wire pressing are completed through a full touch screen digital operation, which is simple and easy to understand.



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Fully automatic new energy tracked wire stripping machine 908C

Effect show

The name of the device Automatic multi-core sheath stripping machine Cut the core 2-8 cores
Device model WZ-908C Cutting wire diameter 2-10mm
The weight of the whole machine 140kg Tangent length 0.01-999999.99mm
Dimensions L650mm*W560mm*H1260mm Stripping length Outer layer 0.01-200mm
Enter the power supply AC220V/50Hz Stripping length The outer layer is 0.01-70mm
The power of the whole machine 2.0KW Stripping length Core 0.01-20
Rated power 1.2KW Stripping length Core 0.01-20
Detection function Missing line detection Catheter diameter 4-6-8-10
Catheter swinging Pneumatic Cut the core 2-8 cores
Pressure regulation Bi-directional (computer-adjusted pressure) Cutting wire diameter 2-10mm
How it is displayed 7-inch touchscreen display Tangent length 0.01-999999.99mm
Wire feeding method 12-wheel crawler feed Capacity/hour 600-1000 pcs/h
Transmission structure Hybrid stepper motor, precision two-way screw, linear guide pillar
Program storage No. 0-99 (one-build copy, one-click reading, customizable number name)

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